Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I (barely) made it

Alhamdulillah. My road to recovery is progressing well. Managed a horrendously slow 7k yesterday, when 5k was my max for many many weeks. Some could have done a 12k for my 7k lol. But then again, who cares about timing kan???

Due to the delay in diagnosing my slip disc, it is a slow process of healing. Not that it will truly heal, ever. Unfortunately in slip disc once you have it, you have it for life. Its a matter of being very careful not to aggravate it. I have very few pain free days .. mostly its a nagging feel like muscle pull, a throb, a something I cant explain. Its always there, a reminder that I shouldn't overdo things. I now know when exactly to stop as not to render me lying down. I can drive long distance too. Nagging pain mostly, and I need to stop to stretch and rest but at least if there's an emergency I can drive. My pain tolerance is high so a wee bit pains like this is just at the back of my mind :) Stretching is good. I will be lying on my fitball all stretched to ease the discomfort. My friend commented that I am now like a cat, having to stretch frequently lol.

Well, I am happy to report that my pact with aruah TSB is now completed. Both of them actually. I was supposed to "walk" with him the full 42.195 scklm12, not leaving him even when he have to stop and pee and he was supposed to be my swimming buddy in the sea for the PD tri and will stay with me through out the event. Yeah that was in the plans for me/us this year but I guess God has other plans! TSB left us, way too soon and I had my fall.

Dedicating today to him, I completed the last 5km of 42.195 to him this morning, and hoping that someday I can do it at one go instead of breaking it into many short runs.

And today, unofficially I am a TRY-athlete hehe. This was my special mission. To complete the second pact and also my way of celebrating my getting better. I actually swam (in the pool) 800m, biked (pinjam from one of the guards. he used his mountain bike for his rounds) for 20k and walked the 5k! Took me many hours and I started early because I knew it would take time and I didnt want to be in the sun too long. Nonetheless I am 2 shades darker. And my whole body aches and after this I am going to lie down and watch a dvd marathon of criminal mind, season 7! (and I smell of perskindol lol)

I had to get special permission to use the pool EARLY. You should have seen the confused face of the Head Security when I explained to him why I need to swim at that hour haha .. I got the permission with "they would not be responsible for any mishaps". None whatsoever I agreed, even if I'm found floating in the pool I said ..mwahhhaa he nearly had a heart attack I swear! So I swam slow and easy. Had pebbles to help me get my laps correct lol. The swim was ok. My back held up. Slow swim I tell you.

Got my bike last nite from the guard. Bless him for lending it to me. Braved the traffic for 2km and then I was off in some kampong road, flat route all the way.  I got stared at of course, I guess its quite a first for them to see a lady cyclist in their midst lol. My back was a bit sore from the bending, and I had to stop a few times to stretch. It was a good morning ride. Stopped for gatorade and bun at a Petronas on my way back. Left the bike at the guard post as promised and continued on. (Note to self : bring bike over to JB)

And I had to walk the last 5k. Cant even do a slow jog, for it would kill my back. A slow walk. Lenggang kangkung Cik Kiah pun laju lagi kot haha. By the time I am done, it was so hot for me because I had a tee and 3/4 shorts over my one piece shorts version swim suit.Takkan nak jalan in swim suit, boleh kena tangkap for public indecent exposure lol.

But hey I did it. Took me ages but I am all kooky and happy. My back is throbbing but a painkiller and full rest for the next 2 days would do it. Why not attempt it in PD you ask since it was the sprint distance I completed? For one, I still have deep phobia of "swimming in the sea kaki tak cecah tanah", two .. a hilly bike ride I cant handle and three, I might just faint of excessive sunburn by the time I am done with the supposedly running leg lol.And I pity the team that would have to stay back and wait for me. I would be last, for sure, wayy after cut off time lol. Another time for that insyaallah. This, I had promised myself, to stop the minute "real" pain sets in. At the event I know, I would be stubborn and trudge on.

What does my husband say? he doesnt know yet lol. He's away in KK for work since Monday and will only be back this evening. Maybe he doesnt have to know about the special mission lol ..sssshhhh .. (must bribe azam to keep it a secret hahaha)

Malam Jumaat next week, bayar niat for doa selamat untuk TSB and my recovery, the mesjid in my kampong in Port Klang will be doing the honours.

TSB, my friend, wherever you are, we did it. You were with me all the way. May you rest in peace and Allah bless your soul. You will always be amongst us.

Do join me in remembering him.



amsyah said...

welkambek... slowly but surely.

rara said...

have a gooood rest ok! We wanna see u at SCKLM!

Julin Julai said...

What a great feat. You should be soooo proud of yourself KJ :)

lina said...

This is both a poignant and inspiring post, KJ!

Anyways, you the best! :)

June Malik said...

Thanks all. It was really tough. Hari ni tak boleh tunduk lol, but insyaallah with full rest tomorrow I will be ok. I needed this for my own self esteem too. Wasn't easy being sick, unable to move for days, months of not doing anything and totally alone! Lost myself there and needed this to bring me back :)

Francis said...

don't rush it. take your time.

Luvly Me said...

wow, cayalah Kak June *high five*

June Malik said...

Francis, yep, I am. Thanks.
Luvly me - hampir give up but made it *highnfive back*

Diket said...

Lets have 2012 as our base training for 2013 appearance. Amacam? Hehe. Enjoy the training. Nothing to rush.

June Malik said...

Diket : sounds like a plan hehe

tsar said...

hello gurlfriend. hehehe
caya lah kak June. tapi listen to the body okay? nanti dia merajuk kang :)