Friday, June 29, 2012

Post (super belated) SCKLM ramblings

SCKLM came and went, and it was, as always a great day !

My SCKLM involvement this year, again, not as a runner but the anak mami jaga kedai runcit hehe .. I might just do this at the SCKLM's that I can attend and run my runs (if i run again laa) at other places, what say you??

 A big thank you to my team that day at KM36, Miss M (she's been with me on all the times that I ran kedai runcit, this is our 3rd together!) Serena, Miss Bunny aka Siti Balkis, Amsyah, and KD. Also to Swee Chuan Khoo and his two adorable girls holding some quirky placards!! And Azza, who's always there for me, for the gang .. (takde gambar dengan azza :( )

                                           Here's the who and who !!

From Left Ms Bunny, Serena, Miss M, KD, Anak Mami, LengLui Running (pic taken by her hubby, TriStupe and our very own Avatar hunk, Syah Sully ..
                                             and not forgetting

SCK and his adorable girls :)

My "mission" started with the bus ride from  JB to BTS on Friday .. a long 6 hour journey .. by the time I reached Ampcorp Mall my back was complaining .. I told it to shut up! Meeting up with friends were so much fun. I havent seen most for a whole year, since last year's gathering! Uhhs and aahhs and gossips .. many were being nice by telling me that I dont seem to be "fat" like I claimed to be .. I was feeling a bit better only to be thrown to deep end of sea when the cashier at the restaurant honestly commented "kakak! you sudah gumuk lah" there goes my day mwahhahaah ..

                                       the gang that was there that nite

Some new faces and some that never made it to other gatherings, made it that day .. and the "juicy" gossip of the day was this romantic pic lol

a tender moment hehe .. Oliver was asking about my fall and this is quite first time we actually had time to really talk :) 

Saturday, Azza and me went kedai runcit shopping .. gatorades, coke, buns, chocolates, muscle sprays, plasters, garbage bags, and I decided to try and do some asam boi ice cream .. turned out quite well but alas, being in the sun and not a real freezer, my offer of icecream asam boi soon turned to air asam boi hehe ... but the runners loved it from their post comments .. Arman said made his "mata terbeliak" hahahah .. My sincere apology to a runner that got the icecream that had 6 asam boi instead of 2 haha .. it was the last one and I decided to have a super duper masam for myself .. giving them out I totally forgot about that one .. that one mata lebih dari terbeliak for sure lol.

ini belum masuk freezer
 A big set back was that my husband had totally forgotten that he was to drive my toyota ferrari home and not his mazda. Imagine my horror when he arrived on saturday in the grey car instead of the red car. I truly panicked cos we had an extra cooler this year .. luckily we could stuff it all in Azza's sister's Honda City, phewww ... next year this will not happen again, I assure you. Serena, who had gamely volunteered to jaga kedai, was crushed in the back seat with a table and cooler and stuff. Sorry and thank you my friend!!

Well Sunday I was up early, just like I am running, and headed to Dataran with Azza and Serena. Parked our car at the school and walked a bit to meet up with friends. Of course camwhoring was in session! It was awesome to meet more friends .. hilang rindu setahun and I hope it wont be another year before we get to meet again! Usual suspects, Yim, Ray, Aini, Ruby, Azri, Lily, Ida, and many more were there .. Met Arman personally finally after a year of fb/blog. He sure was looking fit! it was a fun morning. Then it was time for the FM runners to start so I went to the gantry to see the crowd off. There were soooo many runners and all were looking so happy and enthusiastic! The horn blasted and off they went. I got a double sweet surprise .. Luvis doubled back and came to hug and kiss me and ran off and then after a few seconds Deo came did the same .. He was smiling ear to ear. I havent seen him in a long time and that was really sweet of him.

It drizzled a bit and Serena insisted that we head to our car (takut hujan rupanya dia ni haha) and we left Azza at Dataran, she was supporting her nephew running the kids dash .. piled up the car again and this time Serena and Miss Bunny were quashed at the back seat. Ms M and me were quite comfortable up front. Sorry girls!

We arrived and set up our place, making sure the drinks would be cold by the time the runners pass by. It was a waiting game and we had fun chit chatting and making jokes. Choi set up to support the LYN runners but he was generous with his offer .. gave us snickers and extra coke when we needed it! And my other wonderful surprise for the day was in the form on tall hunk Amsyah .. the one and only syah sully. He came to help us with the kedai runcit. Got a great big hug from him. Thanks Syah :)

Then the time came, the runners that mattered. Yim and Deo were the first familiar faces that came through .. Yim had a few sips of gatorade whilst Deo breezed through with a smile and a wave. And slowly more dropped by. It was nice to be able to help friends at this juncture. Its always extra noisy and fun and cameras clicking when friends drop by.

We were able to offer drinks to all that dropped by. Its so touching for me when some runners made it a point to stop and say hello to me, to introduce themselves (the new ones that I have only met in fb) sparing the precious few minutes. Thank you.

We had Ms Bunny entertaining the runners with her jumping jacks hahah .. that sure perked up the male runners. We or well, I, had fun teasing and flirting with the runners too .. shouting "ehem hot runner coming", "alamak adik you handsome lah", " looking hot sister" etc to help them ease their journey haha .. it was fun. You should try it one day. This year kita orang tak kena tackle lah pulak haha .. Its not because we are not "hot", they are a lot more serious .. ngee ...

Honestly, compared to last year, this time around, runners that passed us by, some even though tired and in pain were not in serious "torture" like we witnessed last year. Many could still joke with us, giving us high 5's, thanking us .. sure made our day!

Packed up and  back to Dataran by 11ish.. Been a long day but it was worth it. Met up with many more friends. Was reunited back with Azza. Then we headed for the much needed lunch (tak makan tau dari pagi hehehe) Ray, Azu and Izuan joined me, Azza and Serena. It was fun catching up and I must say Azu and Izuan make a great couple. You should see them bickering and teasing each other. Ehem, cepatlah kenduri nasi minyak eh!

And my most sweet surprise for the day was when Ray looped his medal over me during lunch. Its for you kak june. I was touched and honoured. Its his maiden run in KL and he gave the medal to me. Thank you Ray. Its a precious gift. Cerita ni anak cucu will hear :) (Honestly, it would be so hard for me to give up my medal. LOL.)

I survived the bus trip, the standing, the drive home. My back of course complained here and there but nothing that I cant handle. It was awesome to be back and be amongst friends again. I do miss those that didnt make it to SCKLM this time around and those running HM and didnt get to see them especially Ms Marlina aka Lina the sweet blogger and now a full fledged HM runner ! Next time insyaallah.

Some pictures to share. I am sure you all would have been going around fb looking at the thousands of pictures of that day!

pre run, at the pit stop and after

                                                    One of my favourites :)

Bunny cheering the runners !!
The JB gang

the saviour car this year !!

To all that completed your run that day, be it a 5k, 10k, 21k or the full 42.195k, congratulations. Be proud that you are out running whilst millions were still in bed!

Did I wish I was running? No really. Not this time. I am at peace with my cant run, cant do much condition for the moment. I was glad to be at KM36 :)

To my FMVs, not so FMVs and forever FMVs .. you guys rock my world !
Till 2013?


Alvin Yap said...

What you did is great kak June. I'm glad and managed to hi five and say hi to you at km36. Thank you for the kedai runcit.. cheers!

June Malik said...

wah cepat betul comment alvin .. glad to be there lah my friends ..cheers :)

lina said...

sgt kagum dgn your generousity KJ.

You made me wish I did a full so that I can drop by your kedai runcit/ ;p

Love the report.

Justiffa said...

As always anak maim rawk *plus being hawt to boot he3*

i found myself meandering around feeling quite lost in the sea of people after the race. i don't do too well in crowds so i made my way back to the hotel, and just cheered on the runners from there. missed u & the fmv gang. till next time i guess.

Apapun, love u to bits juney mwaaaaaah3.

amsyah said...

Thanks KJ! Till next time...

Deo said...

KJ, although I didn't stop, the sight of Kedai Runcit has been in my head since the early kilometers. Bila dah sampai situ, rasa mcm ada natural booster that I don't need to stop (or was I shocked with the jumping jacks?! hahaha... anyway, you're always the best and thanks for so many things yoi've done.

Bunny B! said...

Thanks Kak June for having me around. Thanks for the post, pics, etc hehe...I will be back to shock more runners like Deo into submission opss I mean sub 3 :-P

June Malik said...

Lina, so next year kena lah lari full kan?? Hehe

Tiff , u pun tak sihat .. It's ok. We catch up just us Makciks nanti lol ..

Syah, insyaallah!! Thanks again!

Deo, hahah jumping jacks tu kot buat terperanjat sampai tak henti hahah .. See u soon?

Bunny - yeah girl ..2013 Ada surprise version !! Tq !!

kuchalana said...

thank kak june for all those afford..

asam boi terbaek..

tsar said...

semua kat kedai runcit tu patut dapat medal lah :)

Diket said...

Betul punya meriah la Kak June. Your spirit & support every year tak pernah luntur. Respek!

Ada extra tapak menjaja tak sebelah tu? Ingat nak jual key-chain lah. Hehe.

IJAM said...

Thanks kak june! I pulak nak jual jambu sebelah kedai diket...ha, ha

randy said...

Hi, Nice post thanks for sharing. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.



June Malik said...

Arman, most welcome ..if u had gotten the 6 biji one gerenti terbang lol

Zarin, we got better, mangga yang sungguh manis Dan ranggup!!

Diket & ijam ..heheh boleh tapi untung kena split 70-30? Hahahahah

serena said...

its ok..i had fun and sure felt good being able to help out. thanks and hugs.

Azza said...

Ingatkan K.June nak tulis versi oghang utara:)No pic coz i always hide behind curtain hehe! Thanks a lot for coming back muahhh

June Malik said...

serena, again next year? hehe ..azza memang camtu .. next time kena put u upfront haha

Zack Yui said...

It was a relief to see you there lah kak. Ilang skit rasa letih haha. Two thumbs up, you did a great job there!
Hehe.. dah terlewat banyak ni, but hope you wont mind :)

June Malik said...

zack, its never too late between friends ..